Academy for Working Children

Academy for Working Children 2

More Quality Teachers for Africa

 Planet Aid is dedicated to supporting the expansion of quality educational programs for children in developing countries. The programs we currently support in Mozambique and Malawi are training primary school teachers for placement in rural locations,Activities Within a Community.

The Girls 1

The Long Term Approach to International Aid Development

 “Tired of Starving Children Photos?” That was the title of a recent story on AlertNet, a humanitarian news website. It brought to light the delay in procuring aid in advance of a predicted drought and subsequent famine in 2011.

guinea bissau

Food for all

 "Not many of us living in our part of the world know what hunger is- that you just can’t get any food- can’t give your children a proper meal. The figures on hunger paint a clear picture of the threat that hunger continues to place on the world and also illustrates why eradicating hunger and poverty is appropriately placed as the Millennium Development Goal Number 1.